The Darjeeling Limited is a film that was released in 2007 and directed by Wes Anderson. This adventure drama tells the story of three brothers: Francis, Peter and Jack, portrayed by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman respectively, who embark on a journey by train across India to find their mother as they navigate their grief for their recently deceased father. The three instead end up on more of a spiritual journey that breaks down their estranged relationships and forces them to face their supressed emotional baggage.



This so-called emotional baggage takes physical form and plays a vital role in the movie through the set of Louis Vuitton luggage monogrammed with their late father’s initials. They are lugged around in every situation throughout the film to the point of inconvenience, no matter where they go. The collection of suitcases, steamer trunks and duffel bags were designed by Marc Jacobs, who was the artistic director of Louis Vuitton at the time, all the while working closely with Wes. The bags were made of aged calf skin and adorned with a playful jungle motif that was created by Wes’ brother Eric Chase Anderson. They were later auctioned, and proceeds went to the Rawal Mallinathji Foundation (RMF).



As a coffee shop obsessed with playing movies, this one has always been among our favourites. The colours, the story line, the soundtrack were all inspirational components when it came to dreaming up our café at its inception. So naturally when Pascale approached us with this idea, we were in love. Pascualita Lien is a Montreal artist specializing in food sculptures. She created these miniature clay and acrylic sculptures, inspired by The Darjeeling Limited, specifically for Ferlucci. Each piece is hand-made, one of a kind and hand painted for a limited-edition release. Plus, they are actually magnets!


Written by: Megan Verdone, 2022-12-13
Ferlucci x Darjeeling Mini Sculptures by Pascualita Lien
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